Living Guide

◆ Information related to COVID-19 
● Avoid "Three Cs" to preventing COVID-19 
● Monetary assistance for those having financial difficulties
● Immigration Services information
● For foreigners working in company 
● News in multiple language 
◆ Guidebook on Living and Working in Japan 
◆ Kashiwazaki City services 
●Various Registration
●Child Rearing
●Health & Welfare
●Schooling ●Public house, etc
◆ Kashiwazaki Tourism 
◆ How to dispose garbage 
◆ Recycleable garbages collection schedule 
◆ Japanese Class 
◆ Guide for using medical institutions 
◆ Vaccination and Health 
◆ Guidance for Going to HighSchool 
◆ Disaster Prevention 
About Earthquake Early Warnings and Tips to protect yourself from Earthquakes (JMAより)
Seismic Intensity Scale (JMAより)
Tips to protect yourself from Tsunamis
Shelter map

Useful tools/apps for international visitors

◆ About Individual Number System

◆ Consultation desk 
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