Welcome to Kashiwazaki

◆ Our City-Kashiwazaki 
◆ Consultation desk in foreign language 
◆ Information related to COVID-19 
● Call centers for COVID19
● Avoid "Three Cs" to preventing COVID-19 
● Immigration Services information
● For foreigners working in company 
● News in multiple language 
◆ Guidebook on Living and Working in Japan 
◆ Living in Kashiwazaki
●Various Registration
●Child Rearing
●Health & Welfare
●Schooling ●Public house, etc
◆ How to dispose garbage 
◆ Recycleable garbages collection schedule 
◆ Japanese Class 
◆ Guidance for Going to HighSchool 
◆ Disaster Prevention 
Multilingual Information on Disaster Mitigation (JMAより)
About Earthquake Early Warnings and Tips to protect yourself from Earthquakes (JMAより)
Seismic Intensity Scale (JMAより)
Tips to protect yourself from Tsunamis
Nuclear disaster preparedness guide (新潟県防災ナビより)
Weather warning/advisory : Niigata (JMAより)

◆ Useful tools/apps for international visitors

◆ About Individual Number System

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